Milky Spore

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Published: 18th January 2011
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Milky Spore:
Did you ever look for a magic bullet and thought it wasn't attainable? To control moles, lawn grubs, and Japanese Beetles with one product, your search has finished. The product that will handle all of these problems is called Milky Spore.

No More Song Birds:
When I moved into a new home located on 5 beautifully wooded acres, I never had any inclination that I would have the mole problems that I did. It took a few years for them to show up, but show up they did.
I was like most other homeowners and made a trip to the local garden superstore and purchased one of the most common grub control applications. No names will be mentioned, but it was a recognized name and the main active ingredient was Diazinon.

Did the mole problem go away? Yes, it certainly did, for the one year that it was applied. The next thing I noticed was a lack of song birds around our yard. Upon closer inspection I found lots of dead birds around the property. Oh My Gosh! What did I do?

I didn't know it at the time, but the birds died because they ate the poisoned grubs as they surfaced. That was an awful feeling. One of the outstanding things about living in the woods was listening to the birds.

I found a little known product called Milky Spore after considerable research. A lot of time was spent on research since I didn't wish to repeat my awful error.

The product checked out to be totally safe for birds, pets and humans, but was that too good to be true? After the Milky Spore arrived it was applied per the directions, and lasted a full 12 years. Amazing! That proved to us the potential of organic pest control.

Just How Does It Work?
Milky Spore is a naturally occurring bacteria that when ingested by a grub, paralyzes their digestive system, killing them. They crawl to the surface and the spores multiply by the billions, spreading over your entire lawn. After about 6 to 8 weeks, not only the grubs, but the Japanese Beetles will be totally eliminated from the lawn.
And the moles? They will be looking for grubs in some other lawn. By killing the grubs, their food source was taken away.

Being that this stuff is completely organic, after application there are no health concerns for your family, pets or the birds. By using this powder, there are no poisons to contaminate the lawn, the water table or the birds.

How You Apply Milky Spore:
I prefer the powder form of Milky Spore the most. The granular form does not last nearly as long as the concentrated powder form of Milky Spore.

If the concentrate form is purchased, follow the application instructions very closely. Do not attempt to save material on the application and use their recommendations only as a maximum spacing. The application tube is very inexpensive and it is highly recommend that you utilize it for product application.

The application is as easy as filling the applicator with powder and ram it into the ground at 36" spacings. This will position a grid-work of Milky Spore at 36 inch spacing over your entire lawn.
The final step is to thoroughly water your lawn to soak the powder into the soil. While during the first month you will not notice much change, you should see some dramatic results between weeks 6 and 8.

How Much Does Milky Spore Cost?
Milky Spore is not cheap. It calculates to be very close to $90.00 per 10,000 square feet of lawn coverage. You need to consider the long term economics of the product. This will be a very good investment in your mole control. The applicator is only about $8.00 and will last for many applications, if you take care of it.

Where Can You Buy Milky Spore?
Milky Spore is sold at large garden retailers. I just prefer to order online and receive front door delivery a few days later.

My Rating of the Product?
Being simple to apply, a very low cost per year for the product and does exactly as advertised, I give it the highest rating of 10 stars. So give it a try, and I'm sure you will not be disappointed.

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